Recently there has been a rapid demand for the building the most attractive and user-friendly websites, because of which there has grown numerous website development agency in India.

Even e-commerce website Design Company can offer excellent web designing services and for rest of the web development trends which is needed to be focused on the website can be rendered from the best web development services in India.

The following are the 5 web development trends which one needs to focus on their website:-

1. One – Page layout:-

Websites are of two types- one page and multi-page website. Maximum of the individuals use the conventional approach of the website where every content is uploaded to the specific web page. But recently there has been a sudden change in the website formation as, it depends on how many visitors read the content, so the content is minimized which will directly improve the conversion rate.

Most of the people today browse the websites through their smartphones, so this industry is growing more rapidly and making the content go shorter day by day. So the fast scrolling features and the navigation hyperlinks are considered to be perfect in the website watched in their systems or the smartphones.

2. Introducing Push Notifications:-

This feature is gaining lots of popularity today. Latest web technologies, which is used by all is “Enable Push Notifications” icon immediately they're are visiting their website for the very first time.

Benefits of implementing this feature in your website:-

1. Users are engaged without wasting their time and energy.

2. Technically very updated.

3. The process is not technical or complex and also informs the users of the alerts on time.

4. User-friendly and cheapest feature than other mobile applications available.

5. Other users can also be associated without website with this feature.

6. Opt-out rate is least than 9 %

7. Push notifications possess higher conversion rates than the emails.

8. Mostly tech-savvy individuals are attracted to this feature.

3. Artificial Intelligence:-

Artificial Intelligence is better known as the chatbots, which is prominent in customer service; it is fine when used for the e-commerce portals. Through AI systems one can be in connections with the customers on a regular basis through the chatting modes, this not only increases the trust and loyalty of the customers towards the brand but also results in the prolonged relationship between the customer and the company.

AI functions the most popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Google to analyze the dynamic human behavior over the internet.

4. Moving Images:-

Gone are the days when the still images and figures used to be acknowledged; now the trend is of the moving images, videos, and GIFS. These moving clips are very helpful in attracting and holding the customers for long periods on the website. Through these videos, various things can be depicted as the success story of the company, customer reviews, and experiences; these surely attract the audience which assists in the upgrading of the online reputation.

So it is expected from the recent developers to build the websites with animations, cinematography and the 360 degrees videos.

5. Social Media amalgamation:-

Social media portals are the best form of portals which can be used for your business awareness. The trends on the social media – Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are in the peak, so just channelize your marketing and advertisement strategies according to these social media portals which can help you in the developing strong online presence.

If you are integrating with these social media trends with your website then you can easily attract and engage the audience with the articles, videos, and blogs which are in trend.

If you aim at attracting more and more traffic to your website then it’s better to join hands with the social media portals and without knowing with the simplest engagement like – liking, sharing, commenting etc your website will become popular among these portals and your mission of getting lots of traffic will be fulfilled as well.