Web designing has become one of the favorite attributes whenever any person looks at your website; every web developer keeps in mind that the site should look very interesting and attractive to attract more visitors to the website. The following are the specific type of web designing trend which is very popular and one should incorporate this design into their sites.

  1. Upgraded Lazy Loading

As the name indicate that this trend helps a lot to speed up the loading of the website, but there can be incorporated many attributes into it to make it more attractive. If you have integrated Lazy load technology, then it may create some problems to the users as the images appear on the viewer's screen. To have the look of the full picture, the viewer has to scroll to the bottom of the page, and they also have to wait for a period till the entire image is downloaded completely.

But with the updated technology known as the better lazy loading, the images are loaded on the page before the user reaches the image icon.

  1. Custom Graphics with additional Parallax:-

Parallax earlier version and techniques had numerous negative points and issues, but the recent parallax has all the new attributes which have made it the most vital part of web design. This technology is apt for small sites. Parallax makes the websites more attractive, and the visitors want to stay on the page as the homepage looks beautiful. So the new version of parallax is indeed a blessing to the web design.

Custom graphics is the indispensable attribute of web design, every one of us love to visit the websites which have graphics in it as they enrich the quality of the site and if you have a speedy net connection then you can enjoy the graphics with the latest amalgamation of the colors in it, Earlier around fifty percent of the websites have graphics in it, but gradually we will view the sites which have maximum graphics in them.

  1. Flat Designs:-

In the past, the websites had designs which were neither attractive nor straightforward but the flat design will change this concept totally, it will make the models smooth and make it more user-friendly. In upcoming years for design will simplify design with incorporating more designs which will turn the abstractions to zero percent. Face book, Google, iPhone and Android phones use this trend and implement it for doing daily routine jobs. With the updated changes this pattern will change the concept of web design in the coming time.

  1. Getting well versed in the usage of Mobiles:-

Each one of us uses our mobile phones than desktop and wants our mobile phones to turn to a gadget which can do everything for us. Even this trend will increase in the upcoming years.

Some of the highlighting facts:

  1. 3 million and more people are using mobiles across the world.

  2. 11 billion apps are downloaded

  3. Around 25% of the US population is only cell phone users

  4. There has been the rapid increase in the sale of the cell phones, and about 90% of the mobiles are manufactured which can access the website.

Through these facts, one thing is very much evident that now people are using more mobile phones than the desktop, so far the websites have to be designed which are more adaptable to the mobile screens than the desktops. So in the upcoming years, the sites will be designed in such a manner which will make the website look more elegant and will surely attract the maximum of the mobile users with less time to download the images as well.