It is shocking to know that around 30% of the total population is relying on the social media for any products, goods or services which they want to buy or use. It has made the work of the marketers even more robust as it’s a big challenge to keep the customers intact with their products and see that they don’t lose a single customer as losing one person can make a massive negative impact on their online business. So the social media experts are always engaged in writing the content which is helpful to attract the new customers and possess the power of holding back their loyal customers, there are many strategies as well which are followed by the social media experts like posting of the ads with lucrative offers which are trendy as well as very attractive.

Every second the demands of the social media users are changing, and so it's becoming even more critical for the marketers to put in content which is just perfect, and the customers get acquainted with it. If the marketers fail to attract or hold the customer, then the entire efforts spent on the content generation and uploading will be a big waste. So we have come up with the latest five trends of social media marketing which will be very helpful for the social media marketers to stay ahead with the challenges which they have to face in the year 2018:-

1. Focus on more Live videos as these depict the professional outlook:-

In 2017 we all have noticed that specific live videos were seen on the websites and the social media portals of Face book, Instagram, Twitter and many more. In these videos the marketing exert use to demonstrate or record the launch of a new product or seminars which might be essential to be shared online to aware the people about the product or services, but in 2018 this trend entirely vanishes as now the live videos will be made by damn professionals who are expert in making videos, and only that content will be uploaded which can attract maximum customers and also have a positive impact on the business.

2. Get ready to welcome the Next Generation:-

Earlier the audience was different, but the present generation is a tech freak, they spend maximum all the time surfing the net, and they love to shop online only, so the strategies, advertisement modes, content generation should be done keeping in mind the audience taste and preferences. Now there has to be more publicity done on Instagram, snapchat, and Twitter as the youth of today prefer to browse these social media browsers than any other. So the marketers have to prepare ads with lots of discounts highlighting content so that the present new generation will become attracted and would love to buy them.

3. Time for Content which is Real-time and realistic as well:-

The content which used to be published earlier was the standardized content but in 2018, it’s the era of promptness and realistic world, people want to know whets happening around the world, irrespective of the domains. The content writers have to write the content which fulfills the needs of today as the social media savvy relies only on those sites which can fulfill their present needs and desires. So the marketers have to change the trend of the content and write and publish those contents which are required by the youth.

4. Hire the content writer experts according to the niches:-

A thorough analysis has to be done which type of content should be written and published on the social media as the content is the only way of attracting customers and increasing profit, honestly this is the only goal of any enterprise which has its website online. It’s high time that the content writer should be hired who has expert knowledge about the product or the services and has substantial experience in the niche. With the right content, the marketers have to plan accordingly which will enhance their business on social media.

5. Temporary or mostly disappeared content back on top list:-

You might have noticed that Face book or any other social media portals bring back the content which was published by you before a long time on the date it was posted. It is the most significant trend which has changed in 2018. Now the social media marketers can edit this content and add their links of the websites or particular services they desire the audience to directly look at with the content and publish it on the social media portals. This will help a lot in the advertisement and awareness of the products, services introduced by your business.

The tips as mentioned above will be beneficial for the social media marketers to advertise their goods, services, and business online and this will make a strong bond with their audience, and so they can earn profits.