There is numerous e-commerce website design company which claims to be the best e-commerce website development company, these companies can be entrusted with the work of web designing as well, as they have a proficient team and experts who can cater the work perfectly. These days maximum of the web developers uses WordPress as the base for making the websites, so for this, you can even hire the best and reliable Word Press web development company.

It is important to know the web designing planning as well as it will provide an insight into web designing in details. In this blog you can know about the web designing planning illustrated in the form of steps:-

6 Steps of the Website Designing Process

Mostly web designing is done and explained in a paragraph which is not clear to the novice in this field and even to the professional web designers. But if you portray the web designing in a process then you will notice that even your clients will love and appreciate to read the content as it will become easy for them to design their website or any page by just reading the process, as everything which is required to design the website is very well explained in each and every step

Step 1:- Discovering

This is the first and most important phase as through this phase only you will be aware of the vital pieces of information of your clients- industry, target audience, preferences, services or products certified, mission and vision of the company etc.

The following questions should be asked by your client to get a clear idea about their business and industry etc.

1. What is the nature of the business?

2. Who are their competitors?

3. Who is the targeted audience?

4. What are the mission, vision, and goal of the company?

5. Who are the visitors to their website?

6. What their future plans?

Step 2:- Planning:-

Once the information about the client is known, the next step is planning which means that thorough research should be done about the work – how it will be executed and implemented, what will be done in every step etc. This piece of information might be waste of time for the web designers but it’s very important as this will be saving your time and money once you start moving towards the completion of the designing of the website in totality.

The following are the 3 basic and vital tasks which the planning process encompasses:-

1. Create and review the SEO strategy

2. Create Web Sitemap

3. Content thorough Review and development

Step3:- Designing:-

In this step, the designer makes a layout of how the designing will be done. The website wireframe has to be created with the fundamental website page elements – header, widgets, navigation etc. This wireframe is then converted into more professional setup through Photoshop.

Keep in mind that the content which is written in the web pages should complement and supplement with the website designing so that the viewers would love to read the content as well, as most of the times it is noticed that the visitors only see the design and never reads the content.

It's better to hire a professional coder for the purpose of installing the coding for your website. Once this part is completed its time to finalize the website look by consulting your client regarding the typography, imagery and the colors and then move to the development phase.

Step4: Development:-

In this step, the website design is converted to code through which the website starts to work. This step is the lengthiest of all, so your client should be informed about the progress of the web designing.

The following are the fundamental steps for web development:-

1. Install the Word press on a testing server or the localhost

2. Install a WordPress theme.

3. Install the WordPress back up plugin called the BackupBuddy. If you run this plugin then you can easily make the changes such as undo the file changes and move the website to the server or the live domain.

4. With the help of the mockup, you have to translate the design into the live site

5. Scrutinize and review throughout the design process.

Step5:- Launching:-

It’s time to launch the website, but as the entire process involves so many steps, it is best if you prepare a checklist and then compare it and then finally launch the website so that any mistake can be erased and removed permanently.

Step 6:-Maintaining;-

It is often found that the freelancer or even the full-time web designer overlooks this step and they have to pay a huge penalty afterward. It is better than the designers maintains the website to keep it safe for a long time.

Ask your client what measures they want to take for the maintainer of the website designing company for a longer period, if they ask you to leave it as it, but if they are interested to keep the website safe and secure for long-term then it’s better that you provide them the WordPress maintenance services, which they can avail for the duration they desire.